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Are you looking to take your guests on an adventure and have them leave with a warm feeling inside? I'm  Spangle the Storyteller, and I offer top quality children's entertainment in Auckland.

As Spangle The Storyteller, I  delight in taking my audience to new or distant lands and times and back again, through the telling of captivating stories.  Bring your next family party or event to life with stories that transport your guests to places of wonder, with heaps of audience participation and engagement!

About Stories

Stories can be about what you've done today or last year, about what your family did weeks or years ago, about what you dream of doing, about what makes you fall about with laughter, about what you've imagined...

Maaui, the three little pigs, Anansi, Yi, Rabbit, Turtle, the Rajah and his three daughters, Puss, the clever butterfly, the wise or wicked old women and kings, the brave princes, princesses and woodcutters, the gingerbread man  - we know these people (yes, people).  Their stories have been amazing and amusing us - and not only kids! - and teaching us how to live, for hundreds, even thousands, of years. 

The characters I've mentioned come from:  Aotearoa, England, Africa, China, South America, North America, India, Europe, Fiji, everywhere.

Storytelling for all occasions


Storytelling draws the people of the world together across space and time.
Storytelling can make us laugh or cry.
Storytelling can make us wise.
Stories can be short or long, old or new.
Storytelling is for everyone from 1 to 110!
Anyone can tell a story.
Tell a story today!  Listen to a story soon!

Telling and listening to a story is different from reading one,
even listening to someone reading it.  A storyteller focuses on the audience, while a reader needs to focus on the book too.

CONTACT ME to find out which of my stories will work for the event you're planning.
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About me

I've been Spangle the Storyteller since 1997, and a  professional in children's entertainment since the 1970's.
I love it when my audience feels open to enjoying the storytelling process. 

I invite the audience to play roles in the stories.  

In this way children have fun, gain confidence, and develop their imagination.  Adults sometimes forget how free it feels to pretend, but when they play a role in a story, adults too can find again that playfulness that we can so easily leave behind in childhood, and just have fun.

I'm both proud and humbled to be a Master Storyteller of the New Zealand Guild of Storytellers/Ngaa Kaikoorero Puuraakau o Aotearoa.

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