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Discover the joy of storytelling with me, Spangle the Storyteller, in Auckland.
Discover a World of Stories...

Add the magic of storytelling to your next family party, Book Week, holiday programme, gala, or any time for that special audience.  You’ll never know the places you could go simply by sitting in your living room! 

As Spangle the Storyteller, I  offer storytelling with OODLES OF AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION to all ages in Auckland!
If you happen to be outside of the Auckland area, I'll gladly consider your request, so just give me a call today on Auckland 630 6774.

Birthday parties

Looking for something more than pin the tail on the donkey and balloon bursting for your child’s next birthday party?  

As Spangle the Storyteller, I'm the element you're seeking to create a birthday they’ll always remember. 

I can adapt to the needs of most children.

With A WORLD OF STORIES, myths, legends and fairy tales to choose from, I have an exciting and interactive repertoire to keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Catering to the young at heart of all ages from 1 to 150!

Discover the joy of storytelling with Spangle The Storyteller in Auckland
CONTACT ME to find out which of my stories will work for the birthday party or event you're planning.

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School activities

Holding a Book Week, after-school or holiday programme, or gala at your school? Treat your students, visiting kids, and adult visitors too to an entertainer who will capture their imaginations, expand their literacy, and open their minds to other worlds, places and times.

For your preschool, I have many well-tested stories, and plenty of experience with whole-group story dramatisation and one-off or ongoing sessions.

With over 30 years performing at various schools and preschools throughout Auckland, I have delighted and enriched hundreds of students with the gift of storytelling.

Call me today to discuss some stories that will fit your classroom topics, or to treat your students to live interactive entertainment off the screen.

For recommendations from schools please contact: Lyn Price (Manuka Primary), Graeme Tregoweth (Redoubt North Primary), Louise Hinvest (Wairau Valley Special), Leigh Primary (Manurewa Primary).

Retirement homes & conferences

We're never too old for a good story! I love to deliver to all ages stories that some may think only a child can enjoy.

So it's not just children's entertainment! Residents of retirement homes look forward to my arrival and the vividness that stories can bring into their lives.

Conference participants can also enjoy stories from Spangle the Storyteller! Call to discuss the theme of your function or conference with me, to see how I can customise a programme of interactive and engaging performances for your needs.

Normally $100 for up to 1 hour - negotiable in special circumstances. No GST.

Thanks to Daphne Pinkney and many others.

Spangle The Storyteller Programme

Spangle The Storyteller Selection

I share and perform a selection of storytelling favourites including fables, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and songs.  

Some traditional favourites include:
  • King Midas, stories of Maaui, Rip van Winkle, The Story of Yi, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, The Three Silly People and the Elephant, The Little Red Hen, The Case of the Smell, The Stinky Ghost Story, The Sibylline Books (one specially for the grownups), White Wave, The Rajah and his Daughters.
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I specialise in bringing to life legends and folk tales from Maaori, Pacific Island, Indian, Asian, and Native American cultures.

My selection of indigenous stories includes:
  • Tales of Maaui 
  • How Fire Came to Tonga 
  • The First Kuumara 
  • The Foolish Bat
  • The Crane and the Butterfly
  • Sasa & the Moon 
  • The Story of Turtle
  • How Rabbit got his Long Ears

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